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ZSOF - Hefei Xinqiao International Airport

X-Plane Scenery

ZSOF - Hefei Xinqiao International Airport

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Operated in 2013, Hefei Xinqiao Airport has shouldered the burden from Luogang Airport, which had been operating safely for 36 years prior to that. In appearance, the terminal is seemingly smooth, rounded and curved. Xinqiao Airport thus also often dubbed by local aviation enthusiasts as " Tropical fish," which reminds of the starfish-shaped terminal at Daxing Airport...

Coincidentally, Project Hefei is scheduled to start on April 8th, 2020, exactly one year after project Daxing. Project Hefei is our second commercial scenery, which is still being done using a collaborative approach. Some of our ideas for this project are top-notch internationally, and all of these are benefited by our constant exploration and inquiring mind towards new methodology.


  • 4K UHD Ground Texture
  • Animated jetways (SAM needed)
  • Animated Hangar Doors (SAM needed)
  • Vehicles with Chinese characteristic
  • Orthoimage with commercial license
  • Customized vegetation
  • Highly accurate taxiway guidance sign
  • Customized dynamic lighting
  • Animated airport ground traffic
  • Compatible with Gateway Scenery
  • Compatible with X-Plane 10
  • Detailed terminal includes internal structure
  • Excellent night effect
  • Free update
  • WT3 fully applicable

System Requirements

X-Plane 10.50/11.40 or higher is required.
CPU: Dual Core (at least), 3.5GHZ+ recommended
RAM: 4GB (at least), 8GB+ recommended
Graphic Card: 1.5GB VRAM minimum, 4GB+ recommended


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Update History

Version 1.0 (30/06/20)

  • Initial release
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