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Tivat XP

X-Plane Scenery

Tivat XP

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International airport Tivat, located amid high and sharp mountain peaks in the heart of Montenegro, is definitely an amazing addition to your scenery collection, furthermore, it's going to be an outstanding place to both challenge and practice your piloting skills! All the surrounding flora and fauna is included in the scenery to deliver the feeling of really being there, in addition to that, landscapes and surrounding buildings are also present. Fire up you engines and let's go discover the unseen beauty of Tivat!


  • PBR Ground textures (With “wet” effects)
  • PBR Building textures
  • WT3 and X-Life compatible
  • Surrounding buildings and landscapes included
  • Orthoimagery covering the valley and the city
  • 4K Resolution textures
  • Performance friendly

System Requirements

  • X-Plane 11.40+ (All OS supported)
  • 1GB of free disk space
  • HDR has to be enabled in order to use the full potential of the package


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Update History

Version 1.1 (28/05/20)

  • Fixed forests obstructing RWY14 approach path
  • Added new Terminal 2
  • Fixed some ground markings
  • Ground textures completely redone
  • Added wet effects to ground textures
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