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Threshold Support

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Of course, you can choose the one-time purchase. That way, you will support us, but you won't be charged monthly. Any support is greatly appreciated!

Support Our Vision for the Future of Flight Simulation

At Threshold, we believe in pushing the boundaries of what's possible within the flight simulation community. We strive to create the best platform for everyone, and our team is dedicated to delivering high-quality projects that elevate our beloved hobby to new heights. However, to truly realise our vision, we need your support.

Why Your Support Matters

Elevating Our Editorial: Our News and Article Editorial is already recognised as one of the definitive sources within our niche. Your support will help us solidify our position and expand to deliver the most comprehensive and authoritative content.

Building the Best Store: We aim to create the best marketplace catering to developers and customers. With your help, we can invest in the necessary tools and development to transform this vision into a reality.

Transforming the Forum: We want to revamp and reform our forum into a powerful platform serving freeware developers and enthusiasts, providing a seamless and valuable experience.

Bringing Projects to Life: Among other projects, Threshold Aerodrome aims to be the go-to hub for freeware development in both X-Plane and MSFS, with comprehensive learning resources, open-source projects, and a curated collection of tools and assets. Together, we can make this a reality.

Help Us Reach New Horizons

By becoming a subscriber, you'll ensure our continued growth and empower us to invest in talented developers who can complete the exciting projects in our pipeline. If we achieve our funding goals, we can deliver unparalleled resources, breathtaking products, and a community where every aviation enthusiast can thrive.

Let's build the future of flight simulation together. 
Subscribe to support Threshold and join us on our flight.

There will be perks. If you subscribe, you will get access to the Subscribers section in the Monthly Newsletter, which includes special prizes and discounts. Visit our Discord to suggest perks or discuss flight simulation stuff.

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