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Boris Audio Works

Sound Set: C172 Skyhawk (X-Plane)

X-Plane Aircraft

Sound Set: C172 Skyhawk (X-Plane)

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From the developer behind the sounds of the FlyByWire A32NX, FlightFX Vision Jet, and the Cirrus SR-22, comes the long-awaited Cessna 172 Sound Set for X-Plane 12. Using hours of real interior and exterior recordings made with industry-grade equipment, the Boris Audio Works team brings a complex sound set for the legendary C172 Skyhawk.

This sound package completely overhauls the default Cessna 172 Skyhawk sounds using hours of professional recordings with high fidelity equipment. It is made to work with the default X-Plane 12 Skyhawk but is also compatible with the X-Plane 11 Skyhawk with some minor differences. Some features of this sound set include:

  • Highly accurate engine sounds reacting to many factors, such as oil temperature, speed, and even g-load
  • Differences between G1000 and steam gauge versions
  • Reactive airframe wind noises
  • Multi-stage stall horn
  • Accurate ground roll
To install, replace the contents of the Cessna 172 "fmod" folder with the ones in this package, and enjoy. Feel free to email for any suggestions and support, or join our discord community (
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