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Scandinavian Mountains Airport (ESKS)

Scandinavian Mountains Airport (ESKS)

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Scandinavian Mountains Airport (ESKS) is located in central Sweden (Close to the
norwegian border), about 350 KM north-west of Stockholm Arlanda 170 KM northeast of Oslo Gardermoen. The airport is one of the newest in the world, inaugurated in December 2019. It's primarily intended to bring tourists to the winter sport regions of Sälen and Idre in Sweden and Trysil in Norway.

The primary user of the airport is SAS that brings visitors from places like Aalborg,
Copenhagen and London-Heathrow. Other airlines like BRA and AirX Charter can also be seen here during the winter period. The airport hosts unique transfer options to Sälen, apart from the regular taxi you can also travel by dog sled or snowmobile.

ESKS is also one of the first airports in the world being operated by a virtual tower and not a conventional ATC tower.

● Custom terminal and utility buildings
● Custom forests
● Winter season with winter ground textures as well as snow drifts
● Hand made ground textures
● SAM compatibility
● Custom night lighting complemented by baked night textures

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