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Airport Layout Enhancement Solution Version 2

X-Plane Scenery

Airport Layout Enhancement Solution Version 2

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ALESv2 - The Airport Layout Enhancement Solution, version 2, is an enhancement already beloved by many for X-Plane 11, which replaces default textures with high quality PBR-capable textures. ALESv2 is a complete overhaul of all textures that have previously been available in ALESv1.41 with a lot more added to the package.

Key Features of ALESv2:

  • Custom installer for easy operation (Win10 x64 Only/Manual installation for MacOS and Linux)
  • 2K/4K resolution options
  • Laser scanned surfaces for incredible detail
  • Every ground polygon in X-Plane is replaced with a HQ one
  • Multiple runway textures for various regions(by choice) and runway age (10 in total)
  • Multiple tire skid textures (4 in total)
  • USA Runways: New/Old
  • Euro Runways: New/Old (Including UK markings)
  • Canadian Runways: Standard
  • Taxilines: New/Old
  • Custom helipads for every region of choice: Canada, USA, Europe.
  • All draped signs replaced
  • Rain effects for every polygon surface (.pol) (Default runways do not support this feature)
  • All textures have been made based on real world images of runways, aprons, taxilines and helipads to ensure ultimate replicas.
  • High resolution decals for stunning details up close
  • 12 asphalt surfaces replaced and 8 more added for rain effects
  • 12 concrete surfaces replaced and 8 more added for rain effects
  • Multi-platform support - Win/MacOS/Linux
  • Vulkan/OpenGL compatible
  • DDS image format for optimized rendering and better performance

System Requirements

X-Plane 11

Visual effects set to High (HDR enabled)

All OS are supported

Important Information

Please note that ALES is limited by X-Plane`s internal surface parameters which means that as for now wet textures ARE NOT supported for default runway surfaces, only LR advanced pavements that support PBR are capable of being "wet".

Existing users of Airport Layout Enhancement Solution (V1) can purchase V2 for an upgrade fee of $5.00.

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Update History

Version 2.0 (17/07/20)

  • Initial release
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