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P-47N Thunderbolt

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P-47N Thunderbolt

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The Republic P-47 Thunderbolt, nicknamed ‘The Jug’, was renowned by Allied Pilots as one of the best Fighter-Bombers of World War 2. The predecessor to the legendary A-10 Thunderbolt, the P-47N can dish out as much punishment as it could take, comfortable engaging both ground targets as well as engaging in air-to-air dogfighting at 30,000+ ft.
Notorious for its large, heavy airframe, the P-47N is driven by the awesome power of the Pratt & Whitney 18 Cylinder R-2800-77 Double Wasp Radial Engine, capable of putting out 2800+ Horsepower and reaching altitudes of up to 43,000ft thanks to the ingenious supercharger design.
The P-47N Model is the ultimate iteration of the Thunderbolt, featuring: Wings Lengthened by 18ft and clipped to improve roll rate, Increased Combat Payload, Significantly increased flight range and a General Electric Autopilot System.

HD, Professional Quality 3D Modelling & Artwork

  • Detailed 4K PBR Textures
  • Faithful 3D Model, Markings & Decals – down to the last rivet!
  • 6 Included Liveries – USAF Olive Standard, The Historical Dottie Mae, Tarheel Mal, Bare Metal, 78FG & 2 Big 2 Heavy, along with a Professional Quality Paint Kit for custom liveries
  • Accurate & Detailed Animations of all moving parts inside & outside the cockpit
  • Complete Interior, Exterior & Recognition Lighting

Professional, Accurate FMOD Sound Design

  • 40+ Custom Sounds to bring the P-47 to Life
  • Full FMOD Integration for a dynamic & reactive Audio Soundscape
  • Realistic 3D Spatial Audio & Distance Attenuation
  • A faithful recreation of the P&W R-2800 Double Wasp Radial Engine

Realistic, Complex Engine & FlightModel Simulation

  • Code-based simulation of the Double-Wasp Engine to capture the nuances and behaviour of the real engine
  • Complete Engine Modelling, including realistic Supercharger & Water Injection systems
  • Complete Engine Operational Limits modelling with custom failures & realistic damage behaviour
  • Flight Model Performance tested & tuned using real-life test data for a truly authentic flight
  • Realistic, Code-Driven Engine Start Simulation that is dynamically affected by factors such as Weather & Temperature to capture the quirks & difficulties of starting the massive 2800 HP Radial Engine.

Complete Systems Modelling

  • General Electric Type G-1 Installation Automatic Pilot – custom coded to truly capture the unique quirks of the P-47N Autopilot System
  • AN/ARA 8  Homing Adapter (ADF) – Unique audio based homing navigation system, accurately modelled
  • Realistic Fuel systems & Behaviour – including 3 Optional External Tanks and accurate fuel transfer behaviour
  • VHF Radio – Manual Tuning Capability
  • Functional K-14 Gunsight
  • Functional Guns – 8x .50 Cal Browning Machine Guns (Wing-Mounted)
  • AN/APS-13 Tail Warning Radar

Additional Features

  • 3D External Pilot Model
  • Optional Pop-out Garmin 430 GPS
  • VR Optimized Manipulators




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