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 (version 1.0.92)

Set yourself in Motion.

XPRealistic brings the ultimate immersion to your daily cockpit flying; with realistic cockpit immersions such as ground roll, squeaks, pilot head anticipation, and prop enhancements - you'll feel every bump along your journey. G-Force effects are added to your cockpit environment, so flying through turbulence will never be the same again; listen to the drag induced by your flaps, watch as your cockpit dashboard shakes when you're stalling, or enjoy the sounds of the real ground roll.

 XPRealistic supports X-Camera and TrackIR

Aircraft Profiles

Create aircraft profiles with dedicated settings. Change sound volumes, shake intensity and much more.


30+ Immersions

Enjoy a growing list of 30 real life scenario immersions along with more than 16 different sound files to choose from.


X-Camera / TrackIR Support

X-Camera and TrackIR are supported, furthermore, we highly recommend to use X-Camera with XPRealistic Pro.


Easy to use

Enjoy a stright forward user interface which allows you to control almost every aspect of XPRealistic features.


Fast Support

We believe that fast response to any issue is the key to keep you happy, we are here if you need us.


Realism and quality

Was built by a real pilot and a software engeneer to maintain a high quality product line

Product support mail: xprealistic@gmail.com
Product website

For support regarding your purchase please use the chat bubble in the corner =)

Minimum requirements:
X-Plane 10.41 / XPlane 11
Size: 308MB